Radio and TV Broadcasting

Over-the-air broadcasters require a well-planned transmission infrastructure to cost-effectively deliver high-quality FM and TV services to consumers DTT and on the move. Worldwide Standards Support Including ATSC, DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-Tb, FM.

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Microwave Links

High-speed solutions link traditional baseband and IP systems point-to-point microwave links provided by EuroTel, a global leader in the development and production of broadcast equipment.

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System Integrator

Our Professional Services team brings a ground-up understanding of our customers’ operations that enables you to achieve today’s business goals and prepare your organization for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Uninterruptible Power

Since 1978 the Company is well-known thanks to its “Rocoma” brand, specifically dedicated to projecting and manufacturing of ups systems, inverter, emergency power supplies and emergency light devices.

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Latest Products

brazil flag

Brazil broadcasters get simpler rules to boost TV signal

Brazil's Ministry of Communications published an ordinance with simpler rules for broadcasters and to...

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Aug 27th Dean W.

Ready for DVB-T2 in Vietnam

As of April 1 2014, all TV's larger than 32 inches sold in Vietnam must comply to the combination...

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Jul 29th Dean W.

Divitel implements DVB-T2 in Suriname

Video services provider Divitel has designed and delivered a television platform for Wise, a...

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Jul 07th Dean W.